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Job Status Explained

The Job Status displays the following statuses on the Calendar and My Activity pages:

  • Requested:  Request for a proceeding is submitted to Esquire

  • Scheduled:  Scheduler has assigned resources to the proceeding and notified the client

  • Canceled:  The proceeding has been canceled

  • Client Confirmed:  The proceeding has been confirmed by the client the day before

  • Esquire Confirmed:  The Esquire scheduler was unable to reach client to confirm so confirmed it on their behalf

  • Taken:  The proceeding has taken place

  • Turned In:  The court reporter has turned in the transcript and exhibits to begin the Esquire production process

  • Production:  The transcript, exhibits and videos (if appliable) are in the preparation, conversion, exhibit scanning, quality assurance, publishing, printing, and shipping stages

  • Prod Complete:  All production has been completed for this proceeding and are ready to ship and show in repository

  • Complete:  All invoicing has been completed for this proceeding